All the gorgeous snatch…

So I was in FLA last week and on the beach at Flagler and Daytona.  There were a couple cloudy days and the wind was up and the waves were pretty rough, and one day there was a bit of a rip tide you could feel up to your calves.   I like to try to body surf, despite my hairy body and pasty white skin on display.   But, when I was out there on one of the wavy days, two girls, probably in their late teens, early twenties, were also out in the rough. These gals weren’t the skinny waif types.  Since my wife and kids were there as well, I was trying to not leer at them, but being tourists to FLA: they were wearing bikinis.  In the waves.  You can imagine what happened multiple times.

So, being both a creep and trying to keep up appearances I constantly moved away from the area that they were while keeping close enough to witness boobs come out of the waves as they normally do in this type of situation.  What was terrible though is that whenever I would body surf in and catch a wave that shot me to shore, I would invariably end up right next to them and stand up just as they were tossed and turned all over the place.  I would just swim back out to the breakwater and try to move up or down the beach– but riding the wave in bam, right there again.  They probably though, who is this dirty old man? While I was thinking: who stays in the waves when they have bikinis on? That’s my FLA story.

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