As of 1:10 PM today, I made my quota for miniatures painted for the month.  4 Ungor, 6 Gor AHW for a total of 68 points added to the 1000 or so painted I have.   That means In 5 months if I can keep pace I’ll have an additional 340 points for the beastmen army. That’s it?  Ouch….

These were from a set off ebay that I picked up pre-built and pre-primed, so there are some mold line problems on some of them.  Recipes– I hate it when people post pics of their stuff and don’t post recipes.  Flesh is over a black undercoat, Dark Flesh, Vermin Brown and then Vermin brown with a slight amount of bronzed flesh for the final.   I use the dynamic layering method so no washes, and only drybrushing where it really makes sense.  The axes turned out pretty well as I overbrushed the blades and then cleaned up the head of the axe with a wash of black to just lightly cover the dry brush.  Again, these are core troops, so if hold one to your eye you will see the impressionist style that layering methods create (as opposed to blending).  and each color only at most, four layers (In contrast to 10+ for a blended model).

This batch of models includes the first time in history that I enjoyed painting shields.  The plastic shields GW is putting out are just exquisite.

Now I just have to keep momentum and get more on the table to drive the horn in some more Night Goblin ass.  Next up is 5 more Gor AHW.

4 thoughts on “10 BEASTS”

  1. Dude, I taught my wife in 3 hours and she produced a medium quality chaos warrior. It’s all practice and technique, not innate skill.

  2. that was supposed to read “3 ft. paint job” – damn autocorrect keyboard is annoying

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