d2 hardcore mraakairy – part 9- another one bites the dust

shoedrinker got the permadeath from a pack of assholes on the last seal opening sequence before diablo shows up. it was that pack of fast demon fuckers. i got nervous and cornered and killed. see that fast pack must be avoided at all costs and drawn out into the large open area, and AND you must have your avoid skill handy, i might have been able to leap to safty but my leap skill was buried somewhere… death came pretty damn fast.
just when i was thinking i’d get my first hardcore diablo fight, FUCKED. i think the other characters i have will get a bit of the grinding before they make an attempt.video of shoedrinker going lv20-26 here.
rest in peace shoedrinker

d2 hardcore mraakairy – part 8 – wolfman

here is somecallmetim, the druid.

i respected him with the plugy mod once or twice so i could PUMP more points into werewolf shit. i thought at first the wolf form was terrible, but found out i just needed a FASTER weapon with some lifesteal and BANG, werewolf guy started to kill some shit! i’ve got a couple summons to help keep the hoard off my back, but mostly i just use the werewolf skill that adds life steal charge up for the first three attacks and then lasts for 20 seconds or some shit, that life steal plus your base life steal from weapons makes a nice punchy dude. also you get a speed bonus so you can run faster which in diablo 2 is WHAT YOU FUCKING WANT, you want to run around as FAST as possible.

funny thing, the temple vipers almost fucking killed me. AGAIN! fuck though guys man. fuckem.

video of boss kills HERE.

d2 hardcore mraakairy – part 7 – easy time for paladin

daylabor proved to be a easy to use character even for a player that doesn’t really have any clue what the best paladin build looks like. i used holy fire mostly and then zeal and a bit of the fire resistance at in the MC esure place. pretty much you just run around punching shit until it is dead. i enjoyed the paladin and i feel at home with a punch non-ranged character. there were a couple close calls here and there, mostly the lighting enchanted shit, OF COURSE.

here’s daylabor stats and gear,

and here’s a link to the bastard in action.

d2 hardcore mraakairy – part 6 – PERMA-DEATH’D

she got cornered. she got killed.

kunninglinguist is no more. she was gang banged to the great beyond in the final chamber of Viper Claw Lair. it was mainly my fault for running too deep into the mobs and not having a belt FULL of rejuv’s. once kunninglinguist was surrounded, it was time to give up. why the fuck i was not recording that boss fight is beyond my understanding for failure.

some thoughts about the amazon in diablo2:

– MANA CONSTRAINED GAY. you never have enough mana.
– the amazon was the first character i played when i bought d2 back in the day, i loved this character. but after playing hardcore version i will never again, the play feels too slow.
– i guess i needed some spear skills to help kill bosses?

some thoughts about hardcore death:

– it’s GREAT! you never know when your endgame play is happening until just before it happens.
– would be nice to see the items i lost and check some stats on the dead characters previous life. you can’t even load a ghost character to see all that shit.
– i’m almost possitive all my hardcore characters will die on the bone spear arms of duriel.

here’s a video of kunninglinguist last days in d2, you’ll see how long the boss fights were taking me and i’m sure that is a sign of the amazon being a shitty character at the lower lv’s.


DarkSpore – Saving the Investment

remember spore? remember the hype? will wright makes new super game!!! a game that lets you take a single cell organism and evolve it to a space fairing race! i remember. i bought it. i played it. it fucking sucks. the game is trash, i would not recommend you try it. even will wright left ea after making it. i believe he left because spore never became what he truly wanted it to be, something that had a foundation in cool science that let people play with the stuff of life. instead it became a shitcakeburger that was not fun to play because it never challenged the player in cool ‘HOLY SHIT SCIENCE’ ways. the game was dumbed down into a “sims with creatures” borefest.

so what is EA(ss) to do with all the money the dumped into the spore brand? how can EA(ss) cash in on this failed product to help re-coop the investment? FUCK!?! make a action rpg using the spore brand! that’s what. arpg players are desparate! they are all awaiting diablo 3 and will buy ANYTHING to help fill the void and quench the thrust.

take a shitty brand, a poison root, and make something awesome from it. what a fucking terrible idea. enter darkspore.

darkspore launched april 26th 2011 for $50 and now it’s on sale for $30. not even too months later and the game is 40% off. fucking shitty. having played the beta, i can tell you the game is worth 5-10$ and even at that price you’ll stop playing after 3-5hrs because there is nothing there to play. it’s a grind fest of epically shittackular proportions. argps may not need a story, but damnit it HELPS A LOT!!!

it pains me to think about all the talent in the game industry that slaved away to make spore and then darkspore. all the hours put into games that are not worth using for entertainment because they are not fun.

d2 hardcore mraakairy – part 5

BiotchLips lv10-20

i’m pretty sure i played this ASSassin wrong. first, i could not resist the temptation to keep using that knife with +100% mf. i transferred the MF knife from TugandRun just so i could keep finding the sweet sweet loot faster then normal. i gimped my ASSassin for the sake of loot find. that is bad and proves that MF is a bad thing to put into the game, right?

she’s got the knife, so she’s not using the katana’s. just knife and shield. sure i thought at the start i’d only switch to the MF knife for the last killing blow on bosses and for opening chests and such, but i’m lazy. i just ended up keeping the MF knife equipped all the time. i think removing the quick weapon switch from diablo 3 is a great idea, it is not necessary and puts more emphasis on skill configurations and their use.

what would go well with the knife fighting in the assassin’s skill tree? TRAPS. i put almost all her danged points into lightening trap shit. it works i guess. not very fun play i must say. she’s the least fun of my character so far, but i think it’s mostly to do with the fact that i just played her using TRAPS and not her punchy punch punch skills. the class is supposed to be a punchy punch i think.

the running around with the power run fast boost skill throwing traps around works, but it gets pretty fucking boring. i have a bad feeling duriel will fucking kill biotchlips quick.

perhaps the amazon next?