Gabe on the Pirates

Gabe on Piracy.  Focusing on the lack of service driving people to pirate, not the fact that they can get stuff for free.  This goes hand in hand with the iTunes model– why would any one buy an MP3 when they can get it for free almost as easily? The key is ALMOST as easy.  iTunes makes it horrifically convenient to spend your money and legitimately get a MP3.  A few less clicks without the guilt is the win– amazingly even though you have to play real money.

A good deal more Analord

I just randomly checked Rephlex records today and while their site is undergoing a change, I noticed a swath of 2010 re-releases in the Analord series.  Originally thinking these were vinyl re-releases, I noticed one of the album covers was different and had a couple new tracks as well per record.  Turns out these are not on vinyl but pre-masted WAV files for digital download: each about 7$ a record.

Check it here

Furiously Pumping

A certain person wanders into town during holidays that works at a certain game company we know and love.  Civilities are exchanged, some small talk and maybe a game of Cosmic Encounter or two–yet inevitably conversation devolves into pumping him for information about what he’s working on.

me: Ok, can you talk at all about what you’re working on right now?

person: I really can’t…I want to, though.

me: Is it more Fallout?

person: no.

me: is it an MMO?

person: no.

me: I’m just going to assume that it’s in the Elder Scrolls series then.

person: it’s possible.