Tron Sound Track – let's not make a big deal of it

It’s so Hollywood meh in the “THIS IS HOW YOU SHOULD FEEL RIGHT NOW” vein as expected, and what they had to do: however some parts are indistinguishable from the Inception sound track!  For such an electronic movie why did Disney settle for second-rate electronicists?  It should have been Richard D. James!

Map of Metal

Map of Metal

Does there need to be 15 kinds of Danish, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian death metal while all Grunge from the pansy Screaming Trees and Eddie Vedder’s bro-rape quintet to Mudhoney is lumped together?  Anyway, it’s fun for a good 15 minutes.

the top 10 musics

I got a new machine at work and installed iTunes on it with some trepidation as I only use it to play wavs and mp3’s and not any of the other stuff (I am still searching for something w/out all the bullshite). Anyway I figured I’d post my top 10 most played every week or so while it’s fresh. With my old machine, my list was all Future of the Left at the top due to only having one of their albums on MP3 the first 6 months I worked where I’m at, this list makes me look like I only like the super heavy stoner metal– which may be the case.

Mastodon – Hand of Stone
Mastodon – The Mortal Son
The Sword – The Chronomancer I: Hubris
The Sword – Lawless Lands
The Sword – Astrea’s Dream
The Sword – (The night the sky cried) Tears of Fire
The Sword – Warp Riders
The Sword – Night City
The Sword – The Chronomancer II: Nemesis
AFX – Every Day