Battlefleet Gothic TEASE

My question when seeing this and the fact that Total War: Warhammer is coming out soon is when will the Games Workshop IP exceed in popularity the entirely derivative work by Blizzard Entertainment. Starcraft is played out, Diablo 3 was a complete mess from the story perspective and there hasn’t been anything original from them…ever really. Warcraft 3, for all it’s awesomeness, is just a derivative of Warhammer in the end.

GW has had some strange and capricious relationships with development houses and video gaming in the past, and who knows what the future will bring. Looking at this trailer though we are reminded that while Blizzard has the copy-cat Samwise, GW has both John Fucking Blanche AND Jes HOLY FUCK THAT’S AWESOME Goodwin.



Total War: Warhammer cinematic vid impression

Good, but unsurprising news, TW and WFB are slapping together! This had been rumored for a long while and then leaked in some magazine a few months back so not a shock .  GW tried back in the day with Blizzard (which later became Warcraft), then later with Shadow of the Horned Rat, to get Warhammer on the computer successfully.  Frankly one couldn’t ask for a better mash up of brands and companies. Unless, of course, you were waiting for Total War: Medieval 3 which following their M.O., should follow Attila closely.

There are no gameplay bits in the following video, but if you’ve played any recent Total War games, you know what to expect minus the MAGIC and big monsters.   I’m pretty pumped for it, but then again I get a fucking giant boner every time any Total War stuff is announced or released and then have to untuck my shirt for like a whole day or look like BUSDRIVER.

Animation wise, awesome.  Not so great with the voice acting.  The Greater Daemon of Tzeentch at the end is wicked looking.   We have to remember that GW is in the process of destroying the Old World we grew up with– so we have to see how this leaks into the computer game. It may be that the TW game will coincide with the story of the destruction of the Old World, which would be fun to see rather than buying all the crazy expensive END TIMES books.

This reminds me I have not put hours into Attila nor played a game of 8th Edition in a looong time…

Warhammer video games cumming

Well well… while I had heard rumors of a Warhammer Total War (now confirmed via a leak– but we all knew it was coming anyway) I had no idea there would be a Battlefleet Gothic as well! BFG is one of those great rulesets from GW that I have never gotten to play. It was a huge influence on Epic40k (which tanked commercially, but I really like the rules) and many other games. I have a set of BFG with no ships that I bought off a buddy and I will have to make some out of paper or legos and try the rules out before the video game hits. This looks really great, but frankly, Warhammer games have been very hit or miss for me. Dawn of War was ok, not a great RTS by any means, and most similarly good but not great.  Warhammer Quest on the ipad I thought would be amazing, but I just ZZZzzzz….

Here is a pic from the game.  One to watch for sure.


Mordheim City of the Damned

Looks quite interesting, proceedurally generated maps, custom warbands and a spell system that has a chance of failing to cast. What I really liked is that it mimics the miniature game in that you don’t know if your guys are wounded, dead or OK until after the battle when they get taken out. It’s in pre-order at the moment for eventual early access on steam.

Oh, and this is by the blood bowl guys.

Beyond the Gates of Antares – new Rick Priestley sci fi miniatures game on Kickstarter soon

Some good painting there.

Well this is unexpected and pretty big news. I figured all the Ex-GW that went over to Warlord game would stick to the historical stuff as to not compete directly. Certainly Hail Caesar and Bolt Action are considered to be both excellent games but by the fact that they are historical, probably don’t appeal to the mass of gamers like 40K does.  Well the, why not try to take on their former masters with what looks to be a 30MM Sci Fi skirmish game called Beyond the Gates of Antares.

Given where 40K went after 2nd edition (that also fueled Necromunda) I was completely off the wagon.  While I have a small Eldar army and various sundries collected over the years, I have had no desire at all to play 40k, even 6th edition.  I believe GW has the skills to make  a great ruleset as evident by Warhammer Fantasy 8th, they did not go far enough with 6th edition to turn it back into something I’d be interested in playing.

That said, BOLT ACTION’s rules are pretty much exactly what people want out of a game– not too heavy, not too light, with impulse driven iniative rather than the fatal (in 40K’s current scale) IGOYOUGO mechanic.  I expect the new game to be similar.  They were on to something GOOD with AT43– it just didn’t work out well at the end due to balancing the armies out.  I will be throwing some cash at this kickstarter for the single reason that the rulebook will likely kick total ass if Rogue Trader is any indication.

Here is the link.