Necromunda community edition book

I took the 2015 Community PDF’s for Necromunda, slapped them together, threw on a front and back cover and a few weeks later here’s the book.  It took about 45 minutes to make and the rest was waiting for the mails.


It’s not perfect, the text starts too low on the page, but nothing cuts off and the print reads perfectly.  I went for color because the community added rules and addendums are colored red throughout the text, and this is essential for plucking out the changes where  you think you know the rules.  This ran about 30$ plus shipping, so it wasn’t cheap, but now I can abuse this when we play rather than my actual books or shitty photocopies of the community edition with their goddamn staples falling out.

Back cover, I know it's not exactly Necromunda but you gotta love the bolter bitches!
Back cover, I know it’s not exactly Necromunda but you gotta love the bolter bitches!
Interior with color.
Interior with color.

Necromunda rumored to be the first Specialist Games project

Wow. I was thinking of dusting off the old Necromunda stuff for some holiday destruction in the underhive (not for nostalgia’s sake, but because it’s a great game that should be played!) and lo and behold not only are the rumors of Games Workshop’s Specialist Games returning true, but the newest rumor is that Necromunda is going to be the first on the slab for a remake/re release.

Killing the Delaques– always a good plan.

Stuff I think they should update:

  • Make ‘hero’ characters have detailed advancement and have ‘gangers’ have simplistic advancement. This is just like Mordheim/Legends of the Old West and cuts down on the TON of book work between Necromunda games.
  • Add Vehicles. I was REAL sad that Gorkamorka was about Orks and not an expansion for Necromunda that added the Mad Max shit. Gorkamorka is a good game, but they missed the boat there. They could have had a space hulk with Orks on it crash into Necromunda if they wanted to add the Orks into a Necromunda vehicle expansion, but yeah.. odd decision that.
  • Two girl factions/ girls in the other gangs. It was odd that all the gangers are dudes in all factions except the beautifully sculpted (and fun to play) Eschers.
  • Let me use my old Miniatures. Just like Blood Bowl, I don’t mind changes on a team and new minis and will buy them, but if I have painted gangs of Necromunda, I want to be able to play them.
  • Better Spyrer models.  I have all the Spyrers, and they look like ass pretty much except for the Malcadons.
  • Vehicles? Did I say that already? Yeah.

So– I’m pumped for this. It will probably be out in a few years at the earliest but it’s great news, especially after this Age of Sigmar dreck.

Otherwise I’m taking a hard look at FROSTGRAVE from Osprey as something to replace the rather poorly designed Mordheim.

…and Blood Bowl was on the list of the four games Specialist with get to as well. That’s going to be a tough one since the fans are RABID about the rules, but needless to say with the quality of miniatures that GW has been putting out, that’s all they really need to do.


Found Stuff – Necromunda! Man O’War!

Continuing plowing through a bunch of boxes of stuff, in addition to AT-43, I have a largish Necromunda collection squirreled away, apparently on the hopes that it will get someday played again.  That said, back in the mid-90’s we really got into Necromunda (or so we thought), playing 20+ games with the gangs  on an old Ping Pong table set up in our tiny 3rd floor apartment.  As a any good Arbitrator, I desktop published a one-sheet after each week of games.  The name of the the ‘village’ the gangs were fighting over was “Poop Town” which for years had lived in peace due to pretending there was a plague outbreak were now (in 1996) plagued with Underhive gangs!  If I remember correctly we had Orlocks, Van Saar, Delaques, Cawdor, and the Goliaths.  I have gang sets for all of these as well as a ton of Eschers (thanks mouth), plus Spyrers and even Arbiters.

Pooptown Gazette!
Pooptown Gazette!

Small blurbs had the following titles:

“Escher not raped by Cawdors” – Any time there is an all-woman gang and members get captured, it begs the question, what is happening to them right now?  Since the Cawdors are ‘redemptionists’ they apparently have no interest in sexy female underhive residents with guns.

“Van Saar Deficates” – Since the Van Saar leader was taken out in the first turn of the game vs the Delaques,  I decided it must have been while he was going to the loo.

The newsletter included advertisements for local brothels and a lot of phrases about hating the Delaque gang; the “G-Dawgs” which were played by Duvall.  A lot of the stuff referenced the players could interact with in certain ways if they asked about it.

My only painted gang!
My only painted gang!

Frankly, these skirmish ‘grow your warband’ type of games are my favorite miniatures games.  Starting with Chaos Warbands in college, then to Confrontation (the GW game that came out in White Dwarf) then on to Necromunda, Mordhiem and finally Legends of the Old West, which I have collected a ton of stuff for, but have yet to play the main issue being that you need more terrain than miniatures to make it interesting.

Necromunda is no doubt a great game and show the strength of the 40K 2nd Edition rules (that also went on to handle Gorkamorka).  People can scream “Hero hammer!” from the rooftops, but that’s just what the core 40K evolved into.

And more ridiculousness.  I have a big box of Man O’ War miniatures, rules and chits and have never actually played it.  Got it for pretty cheap many years ago. You can see the fleets, I think it’s Empire, Elves and Nurgle with a bunch of sea monsters and flyers mixed in.

Man o War crazy
Man o War crazy
Detail of some of the models.
Detail of some of the models.

They’ve definitely been well cared for since I got them, EXCEPT, again that I’ve never played it.  I think I snapped up the deal on account of some of my college friends cutting up and painting pieces of wood to represent ships just in order to play.  The game (in 1993 or so) was just that good.

Ruminations on moving a ton of gaming shit

Along with my normal house stuff like clothes and books (so many books), I had to pack up and move a shitload of games and gaming related materials.  I have… a lot of gaming stuffs, some of which I haven’t physically seen in years.  It’s a bit ridiculous really.

The first thing I did was drag a bunch of old World of Darkness books to sell them.  I kept the core Vampire and Werewolf books for nostalgia, but for some reason I had a ton of those books and we played maybe once–and it sucked.  Owning these was likely due to RAGE and JYHAD fandom for the most part.

Speaking of which, I have a massive Shadowfist collection (for good reason), but I also have a massive VTES and Jyhad collection, large amounts of RAGE, On the Edge, Blood Wars and still have my tiny MTG collection (most of it) from back in the day.   With Netrunner, I really can’t see playing any 2-player CCG’s other than that, yet it’s difficult to part with a  mere stack of Legends of the Burning Sands or Legends of the Five Rings cards let alone a massive set like VTES—  I just don’t know why: we no longer play these games.

I did find some stuff that I forgot I had, or forgot how MUCH.

a LOT of AT-43 stuff.
a LOT of AT-43 stuff.
Red Blok
Red Blok
and a fuckton of UNA.
and a fuckton of UNA.
First set of Terminators in the box all painted!
Pretty good for fucking high school!
Pretty good for fucking high school!

Haven’t been playing video games…

…Because surfing the internet to read all the AGE OF SIGMAR rage and retaliation is too good right now. Posts on Reddit, posts all over 4chan with a level of humor that is difficult to even comprehend because when you can say whatever you want anonymously on a topic, people tend to say some real silly shit.

My verdict? The base set game is shit. There’s a big ass rulebook coming out that may make the rules better (or even viable), but whatever is in the box set is aiming to be the CANDY CRUSH of miniature games; e.g: it’s aimed to sell a lot to folks that ain’t to discerning. No thanks.

Is WFB dead? Fuck no.  And as a long time GW fan, who thinks a lot of their game design is dead brilliant but they kill off the good ones for business reasons (which makes sense), I’m personally used to this and really don’t begrudge them because once I have their rules, that’s all I really need in the long run.  Necromunda, Mordheim, Battlefleet Gothic, Space Marine /Epic 40K, Legends of the Old West and soon to be LotR and the Hobbit are just a few.  All will still be played, all will have stuff you can buy for them if you want to play, either GW second hand or some other manufacturer.

Rumor is that the developers of the SWEDISH COMP are going to develop the first fan version of Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  Once it’s in the hands of the fans, like Blood Bowl, it will never ever die.


>What is their new statue made of? The broken hopes of a million loyal WFB players.

There’s some videos around of note. First is a dude that I have a lot of respect for for his CONSTANT battle reports of 8th Edition games commenting on Age of Sigmar. He’s a reasonable man and passionate about the game and despite his care for the tournament scene which makes no difference to me, it’s a good listen.

and Some rich idiot that burned his Dark Elf army to a crisp.

My inevitable to-early-to-tell Age of Sigmar Post

Most normal human beings would never know anything about the drastic changes to what used to be Warhammer Fantasy Battle recently by Games Workshop.  Those few sentient mammals that even know what that is have another subset that know what Age of Sigmar is and another subset of those people post about it on the internet and this week, it’s been very important for them to do so.  This sub-set of a sub-set has had their cages rattled fiercely by a complete change to a steadfast, yet ancient, tabletop game that has stayed fundamentally the same since 1988 or so.  The results, just monitoring various outlets like Reddit (for the rather dull, but relatively nice people) and 4chan (for the awesome and ruthless and terrible) are spectacular.   After a series of leaks, and the game not even hitting the shelves, there are already pictures like this:


Needless to say, the reaction has been really negative so far for the rules and a bit berserk over the fluff and I think, despite the leaks prepping people, it’s just been a big shock to everyone.  The models are really awesome looking, but are they Warhammer? Certainly a departure from what was.  After looking at a bit of the rules, what I see here is a flat out 40k-izing of Warhammer Fantasy.  Good? Bad?  For play, actual tactics and fun, Warhammer Fantasy Battle is by far the better game between it and 40K, especially 8th Edition– but WFB does not sell as well.  You can say Spotted Cow is a better beer than Bud Light, and of course, it is, but Bud Light sells BILLIONS more to casual drinkers and people who ride their bike to the liquor store every morning and stay there all day.  Viva paper towels are far superior to everything else (you can REUSE them for fucksake!), but it’s a niche– people get the Scott standard crap because it’s cheap and works, just like bud light right?  I just see 40K as GW’s kids game where everyone mobs their stuff into the middle of the table and it’s a big close combat with tons of dice. Fun, but not really a tactical challenge– it’s more of an ‘army list’ game, where WFB is both an army list and a tactical game since mobility and placement is so important.  Sigmar looks like 40K. A lot.

First, Sigmar is skirmish level, with smaller amounts of models.  The rules are simpler than Fantasy with a reduced stat line and a different method of determining game balance that I haven’t figured out quite yet.  There are army lists, but they don’t have points like WFB.

Second, the close combat rules are very close to 40k’s.  This is not inherently a bad thing, it’s just not the brutal shield-wall clashes that are such the heart of the Warhammer Fantasy Battle experience.

Third, fluff.  I stopped reading the WFB fluff years ago, it’s just regurgitated shit for the most part that I read in 1987 and the early 90’s and since it’s all seemed like Fanfiction to me. Chaos, Dark Elves, Skaven– it’s nothing new anymore and there hasn’t been much change despite editions coming out every 5 years or so.  The 8th edition book has some AWESOME fluff parts in it, but I just couldn’t be bothered, except for the pictures, which I needed tissue and a private bathroom quite a few times.  The Sigmar fluff is where we get into part of the drastic change GW made after years of retread.  The Europic style Old World is gone and replaced with– realms, which without the actual books, I can’t comment on except it ain’t Kansas and it appears that it’s survivors of the Old World are fighting across various floating demon realms.  There’s been a storyline building with some of the WFB expansions that led to the END TIMES that destroyed everything, but really the kid getting his parents to buy the Age of Sigmar.  How I see it is stuff kept escalating from the 90’s to bigger MORE SPIKY MORE CHAOS and where could they go after yet another massive ork or chaos incursion?  You look at a unit of Rieksguard and while they look really awesome, they’re no SKULL CRUSHERS OF KHORNE.  The mundane simply was pushed out completely from the continual escalation of high fantasy elements.

Fourth.  Unit Cards.  Like Confrontation or AT-43, units and models will have cards.  What’s more, ALL cards will be released for older models this week in PDF form so we can take the rules from the new WD and start playing straight away. I think that’s pretty cool.  Why did Confrontation have Unit Cards?  For impulse-style movement.  Does Sigmar have impulse movement?  Nope.

Last, round bases.  Squares suck for skirmish, that’s just a fact, but you can’t rank circles, and those fucking trays they tried in War of the Ring (the big LoTR game that went to the discount bin moments after release even though the rules were pretty good).  This means they’re going whole-hog into the skirmish realm.

While I’m a bit shocked, I really think 8th Edition is amazing and based on GW’s other forays into skirmish rules (Battle Fleet Gothic, Necromunda, Gorkamorka, Lord of the Rings, Legends of the Old West) they have the chops to make a really great set of rules, not a solid set of rules or an OK set of rules, but an exceptional one.  I totally dismissed Lord of the Rings when it came out, and it took Legends of the Old West to show me that it was actually really really good.  Time (and plays) will tell if the system can hold.

Here are my predictions:

1) Sigmar is a BIG MONSTER SLUGGATHON type of game with massive and gorgeous monsters being the centerpieces of battles.  These miniatures will be some of the best ever seen in human history.  What we’re seeing in the base set is not indicative of the final set (like 40K with what a Maccrage battle set looks like and what a real 40K battle looks like with tons of vehicles)

2) There will be a WFB 9th edition that will be a set of rules for larger battles. It will not be like 8th, but will scratch that same itch (and we’ll be able to use our models)

3) There will be nostalgia UNRELENTING for 8th Edition and the oldhammer movement will continue unabated as well.

Let’s see if I’m right.