Confrontation Kickstarter in April

While I was looking for easy ways to fix a Succubus Golgoth busted off her base from AT-43, I found this little surprise out on the interweb tubes.

Note the word “CLASSIC” which likely means 3.5 Conf. and not the AT-43 based version that came out with the plastics.

Not much other information is out there, we’ll have to wait and see with April right around the corner here.

Stuff (mostly Dark Souls)

So last night I continued the Dark Souls addiction and beat the GAPING DRAGON which is one of the scariest mofo’s in the game (so far)– an absolute fucking triumph of monster design by any measure. I had my bonfire Kindled (10 health potions), I’m in human form (not for long!) and I had upgraded my armor as much as I can possibly afford at the moment (all the shit around the first bell church drop titanite BTW), I bought 2 Uncurse stones in case I ran afoul of the cursing frog things on the way to the boss, AND to cover my ass, I spent my 10K souls I had lying around on leveling up (you do not need to level up much in the game from what I’ve read) so if I get killed my soul-pile will be small.  I also switched out my chain leggings for some leather pants so I can move quicker.  With some of the bosses you can’t block their attacks effectively so there’s no reason to go in there armoured up.  It took me three tries to beat him.  The first one I just got sloppy and got killed, the second one I was running away from his acid spill attack and fell off a cliff (embarrassing) and  for the last one I had help from another human player instead of one of the CPU phantoms you can grab (only available when human, not hollowed).

It’s taken me a long while to get this far and I think this is the point where you get into the meat of the game.

That said, there are other things going on!

First, there will be an ipad blood bowl game! Cyanide is continuing their BB license usage and coming out with an iPad version of blood bowl this year called Blood Bowl Star Coach. Looks more top down than the current PC version, but still has 3d Models. Should be a blast, though I don’t get ANY iPad time normally at home, I may have to steal it away from the crying children for this.


Second, Mouth let me know that while Confrontation is DEAD (and AT-43 for that matter, sniff), the spirit survives  at Cyanide with their acquired license from now defunct Rackham.  While the Confrontation game wasn’t too good, Dogs of War looks like a game where you have a perpetual warband of monstrosities and they gain experience over time– much like Mordheim, Necromunda, Chaos Warbands from the old Realm of Chaos Books.  Looking like something to watch.  Ironically it was the Dogs of War expansion to Confrontation 3 that made me not want to play C3 any more…

Torchlight 2: I still haven’t finished ELITE mode with my Berserker which is sad (but it’s really, really hard on Act 3) but in the news recently is that Runic is still pursuing the MAC version of the game– but there is no timeline and no release date.  While I love the game and it is superior in every way to Diablo 3 (except the sound which in D3 is amazing) if I pre-purchased it on MAC I would be pretty fucking cheesed off by now (matt).


Genconing 2012

I was a bit on the mend so decided to drive down to Gencon Friday and see what for. I got to indy about 4PM and had only a couple hours to wander around before the main hall (the MONEY SUCKING HALL) closed. Before I even got in there BAM right in front of me was the BOLT ACTION demo area with an amazing Riechstag set up and a bunch of other boards. Sat around talking about it for awhile but the demos were full– then ran into the MONEY SUCKING hall before it closed up and bought a couple things, but didn’t take the bite on the Bolt Action deals (yet). Wandering around after the hall closed sucked as I couldn’t find anyone I knew so I wandered into a showing of Trailer Park JESUS. Not sure about it but it killed time and featured a girl with breasts that started at the lowest level of the chest that I’ve ever seen.

Got up Saturday morning and played Shadowfist, and Shadowfist, and Shadowfist.. and a demo of Bolt Action and that was it.  I took third in the yearly invitational using one of Mouth’s decks but didn’t make the final in the world championship.  All good though as I got at least 9 games in.

Bolt Action plays like a combination of AT-43 and Epic 40K and I dig it and dumped 100$ in to get some figs and the rulebook.   While I didn’t spend a lot of time shopping,  I did get some finds in the hall– not as many as I’d like to have picked up, but solid stuff.  No more Crazy Egor but plenty of other places that have gaming trash for cheap.

Stuff I saw of interest:

  • Fantasy Flight was rocking– big game was Netrunner which I will eventually pick up, but no rush.  They demo’ed the prototype of RELIC– the 40K Talisman game and it looked OK.
  • Confrontation Phoenix edition was on display and I listened in for a bit but didn’t get a demo.  While the miniatures are great, they have some work to do consolidating the rules from 3.0 to 3.5.  Great highly detailed miniatures game that I would love to see ‘alive’ again in the 3.5 form as opposed to the simplified mass produced version.
  • Forgeworld at the Con.  I mistakenly thought it was Games Workshop returning after many many years, but it was Forgeworld–who has never been to Gencon before.  They were showing off their awesome stuff and with 40K 6th edition out, that was the focus. They did have the Chaos Dwarf army in full effect for 8th edition.
  • Not much for D&D.  There was an area, but it was pretty toned down.  Cool Drow strider sculpture but other than that– nothing on the impending 5th edition that I saw at all.
  • In contrast, Pathfinder everywhere.  That brand is hugely on the rise, not just for PNP roleplaying, but spreading out to everything else.
  • The new Fate core version was around but I didn’t get into any demo’s of it.
  • The new Marvel RPG was huge, but they had these little demo tables and the entire table was covered with dice dice dice. I was pretty silly.  You play the game with no screen for the DM so it can work, but it was funny to see.   While the rulebook is pretty economical, the first campaign book is pricey and huge.  While I’ve gushed about the initiative system, I’m not sure the dice mechanic is all that great overall.
  • No White Wolf.  Sadly I didn’t even find the White Wolf booth and didn’t even know if there was one.  So no perusing the Exalted books or asking questions about it.  I don’t think there’s much to tell there since version 2.5.

Relic prototype

Shadowfist of interest:

  • Dragons + Lotus is still the best combo of factions FTW
  • Great Walls were everywhere, so even less reason to play straight Ascended.  If you hit a front site in a tournament, it’s going to be the Great Wall.
  • Monarchs were everywhere  (as usual with all the love they’ve been getting in sets)
  • There were no Ascended decks in the tournaments at all
  • Syndicate still did nothing (but at least people played the faction)
  • I played against a very good Jammers deck a couple times.  It had some glaring weak spots, but wasn’t the usual shite you usually get from Jammers.

Some inconsistent basing in effect

Confrontation lives! (on the computer…)

Shacknews posted a bit that the developers of GW’s Blood Bowl will be doing a computer version of Rackham’s Confrontation– and absolutely excellent miniature skirmish game (at least the 3.0/3.5 rules era).  Now I have another excuse to NEVER PAINT MY DRUNE.

Link for more info. This is one I will be following as closely as allowed by the interweb tubes.