Steam sale wallet rape – week 1

So far I have either held strong or already had the stuff I wanted from the sale.  the one game I picked up for 4$ was APOTHEON which is a side scroller fighter where you need to go fight the Gods to get to Olympus.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks pretty cool.  My thumb is still healing from some glass up in there so I can’t play Dark Souls 2 or anything on my controller quite yet but this is one I wanted.

Shit I’m checking out:

  • Invisible Inc.  – Sneaky spy game that may scratch the Jagged Alliance itch.
  • Road Redemption – biker gang  in real time.  Reminds me of Mount and Blade a bit, except on motorcycles…
  • Shadow of Mordor – still expensive at 25$ but this is supposed to be a good one.
  • Abyss Odyssey – another side scroll fighter (like Castlevania).  Looks great, but I need my thumb to heal up a bit before playing.

And what the hell is this monster game on steam?

Dominions 3 on Steam Green Light

Dominions 3 is trying to get on Steam.  It is the best Fantasy Strategy game in existence– and it looks bad and has a tough interface with ridiculously amateur sound effects– and yet everything they needed to nail in a strategy game they NAILED TO THE GIANT ICE WALL.  The depth and minutiae is amazing to behold.

Give it your vote here.

Windows Live on PC: what an awesome idea!

Hang or defenestrate, it makes no difference to me.

Thence, I got Bulletstorm off steam the other day for 19.99 and thought: alright, People can Fly is a pretty good shop based on Painkiller, and even though the main voice actor is the same guy from URBAN REIGN and a thousand other games, it couldn’t be that bad– and it’s not.  Though it follows the whole “you are playing a movie” style, it’s fun and despite the whole redneck’s in space vibe (yet again), the dialog is snappy and filthy and far better than the embarrassingly strained Redneck’s in space babble of Starcraft 2.

However, like Dawn of War 2 and lots of other games I try to avoid for this reason alone,  if you buy it from Steam you then have to sign in to play it on windows live.  Like the true measure of gaming ennui, Diablo 3, Bulletstorm, a primarily single player game has an online all the time requirement?  And WHY did this get pirated?  Simply put, without Windows live the pirated version is a better experience than if you, like me, did the right thing and purchased the game legally for the PC.  Now call me an idiot because I forgot my Windows live login first off, then apparently if someone else is logged in as you (like some childe watching my little ponies) you cannot validate your game or even play it.  All of these things make sense, but of course, I just wanted to play the SINGLE PLAYER game and not be connected to the internet in any way. I don’t want achievements, I don’t give a goatsee about anyone seeing on my gamer tag that I have been playing Bulletstorm and finally it seems like it would be a crap multiplayer game, so I have no interest in that (which is sad because Painkiller’s DM was great!).

So to end this rant, I want to say that I do like Origin and Steam (of course) because they offer VALUE to me.  Windows Live for PC offers absolutely nothing but total annoyance for all users.

Oh the timing…

On the ferry to St. John

Getting the notification for the Diablo 3 beta while in the Virgin Islands (granted, for work and all) is quite a good bit of timing.  If I was to pick, karmically, when I was going to be in the 100k for the next beta key release, of COURSE it would have be where I was over 2K miles from my gaming rig and could only wince every time I looked at my personal email.  Needless to say, I wouldn’t trade it as VI is, for all it’s quirks, and amazing place on the planet–D3 was nice to come home to.  Unlike Starcraft 2, the D3 beta loaded FAST, within half and hour it was ready to roll.   I haven’t gotten in on it yet, but tonight!

Like I’ve said before:  Torchlight 2 is being made to be the game we all want to play while Diablo 3 is the game Blizzard wants to make and will let us play.  D3 will have to be played through once, but due to mods and all that madness, Torchlight 2 is the one I think will have the most longevity.


Though it’s sad to see the socket 939 up and die and then be disassembled forever anon, the new beast that’s soon to take the stage makes that look like a 3rd grader’s public school issued laptop.

Asus P8P67 (rev3), GTX 560 Ti, i7 2600,

I stuck the DVD drive and the PSU up inside and will wrap the rest tomorrow.  Then the deluge from Steam will begin.

Artemis Bridge Simulator and true Space nerdery

I got in on a LAN over the weekend with THIS going on.  It was a ton of fun, and quite challenging.  We had just the right number of people for the roles: captain, engineering, helm, weapons with science and communications combined and the ideal set up: a main screen plus each of the station screens.  We each got better at our individual roles, but most important, we got better as a team.  I dug the engineering the most as you are constantly shifting power around the ship for a myriad of reasons and you’re never sitting around waiting as you can always make some tweaks or prep for upcoming power needs if you are idle. Weapons is my second favorite. While firing the weapons themselves is sort of boring, you have a ton of information on screen you are trying to relay to the team.  You also control the main screen view for the captain.

I really dug the fact that this is a LAN game– at this point it cannot be played over the interweb tubes at all, but I assume that will happen eventually if there is $ in it for the developers.  In the time of extreme anti-LAN (even fake LAN’s over hamachi) from the major publishers, this is really refreshing to see.