iPhone game review: Rebuild 3: The Gangs of Deadsville

We haven’t done a game review on here for awhile, mostly because I’m lazy and Maurice!bastard had unprotected sex.

Amidst the river of shit that gets published to the iphone, there are a few, and I mean few, great games. Implementations of classic board games aside, there’s very little of worth that’s original on the iphone.  Especially sad is the fact that there are incredibly few 4X strategy games of any worth at all.  No one has even been able to copy MOO properly, usually taking that basic, clean premise and layering it with a bunch of shite or half-assing it with no diplomacy or trade. Rebuild 3 is not in that river of shit,  Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville is a great little 4X game for your phone!

What it is

This is a zombie game, which there is the first facepalm in even considering buying it. However, I’ve learned my lesson that no matter how fucking played out a genre or trope is, it can still be handled in a way that makes an enjoyable game– AKA: Dead of Winter–an amazing game at what could probably be called the end of the zombie craze we’ve just lived through since 2008 or so.  Or maybe it’s the beginning of a new one?


Rebuild 3 is a 4X game. It has elements of Civ and all the various 4X games you’ve played and loved in the past.

Rebuild 3 is an RPG (a bit), with character leveling, character interaction and plot advancement based on character choices.

Rebuild 3 has a plot. While the ‘levels’ are like Dungeonkeeper where you conquer a thorp or town with your gang and then move on to the next one.

This sounds like a recipe for disaster does it not?  An RPG 4X with an overarching plot?  Dangerous, yes, but this game works.

You start the game with your avatar that ends up being a 100% badass at just about everything.  This is your character, and I think if he or she dies it’s over (this never happened to me so it may not be possible).


The first phase of any of the scenarios is survival and expansion.  Like All good 4X games, before you get to any factions you will be assailed by non-aligned ‘creeps’ in the form of hordes of zombies.   You spend the first phase cleaning out zombies and building a big wall around the spaces you want, especially hospitals, workshops and the like.  During this time you increase the size of your gang by finding lone or coupled survivors around, they will have certain skills that you will be able to use.

Each survivor has a core skill among as set of skills. This will denote them as good for fighting, building stuff, research and the like.  You can train these artificially in a school once you find one and kill the zombies in it, or assign the characters to do something and they will get better at it.

Once you fight off nearby zombies, you will encounter other factions.  These are pretty quirky and have different goals (they are not generic at all) and things that they do.  They can be destroyed or you can fulfill missions for them and ally.  Alliances and enemies only last on the map that you are currently on, so the situation can change if you meet them later in the game.


Eventually you get to some huge maps with many other factions, some of which will be destroyed by others or zombies before you can get to them.  It’s quite fun to race to see who can wall off and defend areas in the cities first.

Items!  Since there are characters in the game, they naturally have to be equiped right?  Well there are tons of items in the game: various weapons from crowbars to miniguns, tool boxes, medical kits, zombie traps, etc.  All either built or found out in the city.  It’s part of the addiction to kit your guys out to become super searchers or mass zombie destroyers. While not complex, this is a great part of the game.

The campaign involves your gang trying to solve the mystery of the zombies and destroy factions that stand in your way to do so.  You end up having to take over more cities than I can remember, with a giant showdown at the end in what I think is Vancouver.  The game builds in complexity as you go along, sort of easing you into destroying other factions as well as the different zombie types.   I tell you straight I ‘finished’ the game, but I didn’t exactly win.  There are some multiple endings going on here that may add to the replay-ability.


I have a 5S, so the screen is pretty small.  This would be much better on a 6+ or an ipad.  On a 4S I would be hard pressed to even bother with this frankly, the form factor is just so small and the text is tough to read.

Replay-ability is there, but it’s not great.  Ever since finishing the main campaign, I haven’t started up one of the city conquest games yet.  The main campaign is LONG so this may explain it.


Rebuild 3 will get it’s zombie meathooks into you if you let it.  This gets the highest possible score here at Mraaktagon of a 1.  If you have an iphone, buy it. You will like it if you have a big enough phone that is.

My Kickstarter failures – 2015 Fuckstarters

There are many, many flagrant kickstarter horror stories and scams (look up “Ken Whitman” and you’ll get a fuckin face full with just one guy), but there are many that are much, much more subtle in their failure that people don’t really bitch about, because they only sort of suck, or only sort of failed to deliver the goods.  Here is a list of failed kickstarters for me and some of these are real questionable —but not overtly failures. Have they failed so far to deliver on time? Fuck yes.  Are they scams? Possibly.  This does not include a list of kickstarters I backed and then never even used the games or stuff yet (like Bulldogs!, Wasteland 2, Planetary Annihilation (the pre-titan version) as those are MY fault and not the fault of the creators.

Double Six dice roller, estimated delivery: August 2014

This kickstarter was 10$ for a set of D12’s that have D6 dots on them, or have the FATE +/- on them.  This kickstarter still has not delivered and has been so long in coming that, since I don’t even play FATE and likely never will again, I don’t even want the dice I ordered.  FATE does not suck for some people, so I have friends I can give them away to at least.  Using them for other games is a possibility.  Apparently this will ship at some point?  Fucked.

Journey Wrath of Demons, estimated delivery: July 2014

All I wanted was to follow this because the mini’s looked cool and get a T-shirt.  It never came.  What’s more, when I tried to set my order for one as a backer, they only had SMALL sizes left.  Since this kickstarter looks like it failed for all of it’s backers, why would they care about a little thing like a tshirt…

Exalted 3rd Edition:  Estimated delivery: December 2013

This is incredibly late and so far a failure, but apparently this too will get delivered some day in the far future because otherwise it looks like a huge fucking scam to me.  They had a debacle early on with one of the developers having health problems, but as a the producers of the product, you give that guy a rest and move to another developer who can deliver, which even after months and months stretched into years, doesn’t look like it happened.  It’s so incredibly late that the market for this type of game is gone.  I got a beta version of the rules on the internet (not even sent to backers!!!!) and I can say for sure I will never, ever play this except goofing around (and who has time for that when there are so many other good RPG’s to play?).  2nd edition Exalted captured the imagination certainly, but the rules were just a horrible, horrible mess.  3rd Edition looks like a slight step up, but why would anyone want to bother with something this grossly complex in 2015?  After reading the rules, I commented that stunt descriptions BEFORE the die roll is a horrible design decision that has since been changed in other stunting games, but was shouted down by the fan boys.  You can imagine what sort of lickspittles are surrounding the designers when you get this sort of jagoffery from just internet fansies.

Martin Wallace’s Moongha Invaders, estimated delivery July, 2013.

This was a game that had 500 copies made a mess of years ago and the kickstarter was going to bring it back to the masses.  As a Wallace game, it had high marks all around, but so far, it has never come and now it’s ridiculously late.

Tabletop Forge

This tanked and the guys said so.  However, we got FREE memberships and assets to Roll20, so they hooked up backers solid.  Can’t complain about this one really.

Star Citizen, Estimated delivery: Nov 2014.

This is the big one– so far this is the big scam that has THOUSANDS of people on the hook for what looks like vaporware.   There is tons of ‘content’ for this game: ship designs, 3d models, a semi-playable combat engine (didn’t work when I installed it), info on planets and trading but this game is nearing a full year late–and I really don’t think it’s ever going to actually come out.  Every time I see a youtube video or read a kickstarter backer post I think more and more that while this turned out to be a scam, they didn’t mean it to be in the beginning.  Something is very, very wrong with whatever this team is doing.  It’s constant press about nothing–in a way much like Master of Orion 3 was.  Maybe someday this will deliver, but it’s not looking good.  When you back a game that hasn’t started development, be VERY wary.  For example while Banner Saga shipped and looked great, but is one of the worst games I’ve ever played, with some of the worst sound design imaginable–that was 50$ blown.  I think Star Citizen will be case in point why you do not just give people a bunch of money to do whatever they want with it before there’s anything. Since they already have your money, they will do as they will and won’t focus on shipping a product to compete in the marketplace.  While I think this group is working on something, it’s obvious more and more from every single update or youtube video that it’s far off the rails and a fuckstarter.

Penance post

I haven’t been posting for awhile, sort of the end of summer, after Gencon blogging blues (and I’ve been playing a lot of Planetary Annihilation to boot). As penance, click the broad and it will take you to an interesting iOS game I’ve been looking at picking up. After the fun for 20 minutes but ultimately totally boring Fallout Shelter came out, I’ve been looking for a good 4X game in that style and I found it! That’s the subject of a different post altogether.


Master of Orion – another try!

Master of Orion is a masterpiece of strategy gaming. The second one was fairly good too, but the first for it’s clean design and minimalist micromanagement was top drawer. Many teams have tried to build a better MOO and all have failed because whenever I play them, I just want to go play MOO instead. This excludes the boardgame ECLIPSE, which is the perfect MOO game that isn’t on a computer.

So it’s 2015 and the bad bad bad taste of Master of Orion 3 is probably washed out of most of our mouths and anuses and there is an announcement by the World of Tanks people that they are doing a new MOO game. All I can say is GOOD LUCK. They are going to need it. How many have tried since 1994 and failed? So many… so many…


Master of Orion 3 quote

Perusing, I found this on reddit as a response to a user asking “why should I hate Master of Orion 3” and it made me… well, read it yourself:


it pretty much breaks down like this:
imagine that you love bacon. bear with me and suppose that you also love cheeseburgers. perhaps they are even your two favorite foods. now, imagine that you open a menu at a restaurant one day and are for the first time ever presented with the prospect of a bacon cheeseburger. in a highly elated state, you place an order for one and steel yourself against your barely manageable level of anticipation. you are quite possibly looking forward to this bacon cheeseburger more than any other meal of your life up to this point.
(i have to pick up the pace here, because the stunning accuracy of this analogy is forcing me to revisit feelings that, i swear this is true, i do not want to consider even so far as to continue describing them).
your bacon cheeseburger… takes four years to arrive. your server, however, pays you frequent visits to assure you that the burger is not only succulent and delicious, but that the chef has already finished preparing it and the only reason that it is not already in your hands being devoured is that it has been detained by the outpouring of praise and admiration being showered upon it by the kitchen and wait staff in the back of the restaurant, slowing the plate’s progress to your table.
but it’s (seemingly) ok: your bacon cheeseburger finally arrives. the wait has been nearly unbearable. in a haze of anticipation, joy and relief that threaten to impair basic cognition, you whisk the bacon cheeseburger off of your plate and take a ferocious bite-
-into an actual, physical piece of shit, -fecal matter-, sandwiched between two hamburger buns. there is no bacon. there is no cheese. it is disputable as to whether this can even legally be described as a “burger.”
a piece. of. shit.
it doesn’t matter who the fuck you are, or whatsoever, at this point, your experiences with or opinion of bacon or cheeseburgers are. there is no reason whatsoever to think that anybody, under any circumstances, would ever, EVER want this piece of shit sandwich.
in fact, the global repercussions are so disastrous that every single article of bacon or cheeseburger, in any format, cease to be prepared or sold anywhere in the world ever again. nobody will ever even approach the shame and awesome disgust associated with the bacon cheeseburger ever again.
try as you might, no matter what you eat or drink or pray to, you can never remove the shit taste from your mouth. or your soul. ever.
THAT, good sir, is what is wrong with Master of Orion 3.
it is literally Hitler.


Warhammer video games cumming

Well well… while I had heard rumors of a Warhammer Total War (now confirmed via a leak– but we all knew it was coming anyway) I had no idea there would be a Battlefleet Gothic as well! BFG is one of those great rulesets from GW that I have never gotten to play. It was a huge influence on Epic40k (which tanked commercially, but I really like the rules) and many other games. I have a set of BFG with no ships that I bought off a buddy and I will have to make some out of paper or legos and try the rules out before the video game hits. This looks really great, but frankly, Warhammer games have been very hit or miss for me. Dawn of War was ok, not a great RTS by any means, and most similarly good but not great.  Warhammer Quest on the ipad I thought would be amazing, but I just ZZZzzzz….

Here is a pic from the game.  One to watch for sure.


Steam sale – Dominions 4

I survived the steam Xmas sale  until this morning when I saw Dominions 4 on sale for 9$.  This is well worth the scratch if you like strategery.  I have not delved in to 4, but I have spend oodles and oodles of hours on 2 and 3.  It’s a super deep game, but what’s awesome is that the multiplayer ACTUALLY WORKS since it’s tick based rather than everyone sitting around on one machine like Matt and Steve and John on HOMM 3.

Don’t let the graphics fool you, this is an awesome game.



Torchlight ex’s next project: Rebel Galaxy

When Runic broke up I was glad because it meant this set of developers will be putting out TWO good games instead of just one.  While we don’t know what’s going on with Runic these days except rumors of some sort of MMO for Torchlight, the ex-guys have formed Double Damage games and announced Rebel Galaxy.

It looks like an FTL, Space Pirates and Zombies, Elite type of thing and that’s awesome.  I would love a Mount and Blade style game IN SPACE.

Here is the trailer: