WipEout Omega Collection splooge

I think my balls blew out the back of my ass about halfway through the first track. I’m not on a PS4 Pro nor do I have a 4K TV but holy shit the game looks good and 60FPS NON STOP, with no stuttering that I’ve noticed at all at any point/any speed.

There are oodles of game modes/race modes –combat only races where you score points for damage done over a period of time, races without any weapons and of course the standard races with weapons and a finish line. ¬† Most of the cars are locked when you start the game, so that puts you on the mousewheel right off the bat. ¬†There are combat, speed and manuver racers for each of the companies (Auricom, Quirex, etc. along with a few new ones).

Pretty much an essential title for the PS4.


And it’s always fun to go back an look at all the designs and art from the old games (by the Designers Republic).

Unrelated splooge picture so you understand a bit more of what I’m saying here.