Steam Xmas Sale 2015

Obligatory posts on the WALLET RAPE that steam provides.  My goal is to purchase only a single game per day that is under or around 5$.  So if I go 6$ on one day, I have to go lower than 5$ the next.  Since my wishlist is now over 80 items, I don’t even remember most of the stuff that’s on there, and in some cases WHY it’s on there.  However, it’s much better to make drunk Steam wishlist additions than drunk Amazon or Steam PURCHASES.


Yesterday’s purchase, while sober, was CHROMA SQUAD which is a turn based power ranger spoof.  I’ve had my eye on it for awhile and just had to do it at the price.  I haven’t fired it up yet, but it looks pretty BOSS.

Today I’m mulling over a lot of possibilities, but pretty much have to go with LISA.


We’ll see what 5$ can get tomorrow!