Look at the part that HITS

Designed by littlemute

March 2011

Foundation Characters

5 Golden Candle Society
2 Little Grasshopper
2 Hacker
2 Brave Villagers
3 Friends of the Dragon

Utility Charaters

2 Fist of Shadow
1 Chinese Doctor
2 Master Bowmen


1 Shung Dai
4 Big Brusier


2 Violet Meditation
1 Blade Palm

1 Wind on the Mountain
1 Willow Bends
1 Shaolin Surprise
2 Confucian Stability
2 Festival of Giants
1 High Noon
2 Blue Meditation
2 Robust Feng Shui
2 Rigorous Discipline

1 Never Surrender
2 Fighting Spirit
2 Final Brawl
4 Is that All you Got
2 Kii-YAAH!


2 Shield of Pure Soul
1 Chinese Connection


2 Yellow Senshi Chamber

Feng Shui Sites

1 Temple of Angry Spirits
2 Whirlpool of Blood
3 Ring of Gates
1 City Square
1 Arctic Fortress
1 Gambling House
1 Sacred Heart Hospital
1 Fox Pass


This deck won the Plattecon Big Cheese Wisconsin state championship for 2011. The idea for this deck came from the Hegemiester's Red Bat/Big Brusier deck that won at Gencon years ago. I thought: why not switch out seven masters for Hand and protect those big brusiers from events as they go in for the beatings? It didn't work to well at first as I had Iron Monkey and a few other cards that just didn't fit or slowed the deck too a crawl.

The feng shui selection is based on making sure your big brusiers are healed up and to stop imprisons (or any effects that force cards back into your hand). I sort of threw arctic fortress in there and would probably switch it out for another temple of angry spirits-- though that is such an oft-played unique it's dangerous.

To win, Big Brusier and Shung Dai need to come out, so you may have to sit on power for awhile, even if it means not playing robust feng shui or blade palm when someone is taking a site of yours (Never Surrender and Sheild of Pure Soul help a lot when your sites do get taken). Once either of the hitters are out on the table, they are easy to get back into play with Is That All You Got when they get smoked (and they will get smoked).