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Last update: December 31, 2008

The World of Minaria, a D&D 3rd edition construct, based on the Divine Right setting.

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I have long loved the old TSR fantasy board game, Divine Right. I often wondered when I was younger how it could be that Dragon magazine would publish histories (Minarian Legends) of a world that they did not use for role-playing. An ambition of mine for some time has been to translate the writings of Glenn Rahman, one of the designers of the board game, into something suitable for RPG. These documents below are an attempt to take the world of Minaria and turn it into a setting suitable for 3rd edition D&D.

I have worked quite hard at reconciling the various Minarian Legends, including incorporating the newer material which made its way into the 25th anniversary edition of the game. I am sure it will come as no surprise that there are some gaps in the Minarian Legends, including chronological blanks, so I have made a “best guess” where necessary. To that volume of material I have added my own creations, blending them (I hope) seamlessly into the existing information. Glenn has been supportive of the attempt and permitted me access to unpublished material on the Scarlet Empire (Girion) and Reiken.

Also included here is a Minarian Legend (Dwarves) first published in Dragon Magazine in 1981. This particular legend I have not found elsewhere on the Internet and so it is offered here.

         Many thanks to Glenn Rahman for his tolerance with my meddling in the world of Minaria.

-M Gemmell, March 2003.


A Player's Guide to the world of Minaria  (UPDATED September 1, 2008 - minor tweak)

The Deities of Minaria (UPDATED December 31, 2008- Changes  to Pinboh and Kommiya)

Alphabets & Languages of Minaria

The Calendar of Minaria 

Commerce and Coinage in Minaria (UPDATED September 1, 2008- minor tweaks)

Flora and Fauna of Minaria  

Cities of Minaria (UPDATED September 1, 2008- added Yannagyhara cities)

Gazetteer: The Kingdom of Yannagyhara (NEW- September 1, 2008)

Gazetteer: The Kingdom of Afgaar (UPDATED September 1, 2008- minor tweaks)

Gazetteer: Northeastern Minaria

Gazetteer: The Troll Vales

Gazetteer: The Dwarf Kingdoms  

Gazetteer: Southeastern Minaria  

Gazetteer: The Kingdom of Pon 

Gazetteer: The Banished Lands

Gazetteer: The Kingdom of Hothior

Gazetteer: The Kingdom of Shucassam (UPDATED September 1, 2008 - Adeese chariot races added)

Gazetteer: The Kingdom of Muetar

Gazetteer: The Kingdom of Rombune (UPDATED September 1, 2008)- minor tweaks

Gazetteer: The Kingdom of Mivior  

Gazetteer: Neuth, the Forest Kingdom 

Gazetteer: The Arcane Republic of Lered

Gazetteer: The Kingdom of Immer

Gazetteer: Zorn, the Goblin Land

Player’s Guide to the Town of Fursten, Hothior 

History of The Town of Fursten, Hothior

Gazetteer: the Village of Yando

The Chronology of Minaria  (UPDATED December 31, 2008 -  Bel-beni Empire)

(with material excerpted directly from Minarian Legends, the Scarlet Empire material, and unpublished material by Glenn Rahman


Game mechanics material

Character Races of Minaria  

Character Classes in Minaria

Regional Feats of Minaria

Prestige Classes of Minaria



Key to the Minaria Maps .

A modern Hemispheric Map(Minaria, Reiken, Girion, and Trazig) 1371 AC  (UPDATED September 1, 2008)

A map of the Lloroi Empire at its peak  –75 BC  (UPDATED September 1, 2008)

A map of the Bel-Beni Empire at its peak c.900 AC    

A map of the Wisnyo empire,  907 AC    (UPDATED September 1, 2008)

Continental map of Minaria 

Expanded map of Eastern Yannagyhara (NEW- September 1, 2008)

Expandee map of Western Yannagyhara (NEW- September 1, 2008)

Expanded map of north and east Afgaar  (UPDATED September 1, 2008)       

Expanded map of south and west Afgaar

Expanded map of the Wild Lands and Zards

Expanded map of the North Country and Mystic Lake

Expanded maps of  Ghem: Rosengg  Alzak,  and Aws Noir 

Expanded maps of Moonrune: Bakarhm and Tostog

Expanded map of eastern Kelga and the Barbarian Frontier

Expanded map of northern Pon

Expanded map of southern Pon

Expanded map of Hothior and the northern Banished Lands

Expanded map of western Shucassam and the southern Banished Lands

Expanded map of eastern Shucassam

Expanded map of Immer 

Expanded map of Lered

Expanded map of northern Muetar

Expanded map of southern Muetar

Expanded map of eastern Rombune and the Wastes of Vah-ka-ka (UPDATED September 1, 2008)

Expanded map of western Rombune

Expanded map of Mivior

Expanded maps of Neuth

Expanded map of Zorn

Expanded map of the Withering Desert and the northern Barbarian Frontier (UPDATED September 1, 2008)

Expanded map of the Blasted Heath and southeastern Minaria

Provincial map of Darmiyane fief, part of the Kingdom of Hothior

Map: The town of Fursten , Hothior, and the Key to the Fursten Map

Map: the port of Lapspell, Hothior 

Map: the town of Nazlon, Hothior

Map: the town of Sephir, also known as Stubstaff Keep

Map: the town of Freeport

Map: the village of Yando

Map: the City of Beolon – CC2 version (detailed), jpg version (low res)

Map: City of Tadafat – CC2 version (high res), JPG version (low res)



The Tombs of the Soraskier is a dungeon set in Hothior. Here is the accompanying map.

The Ship in the Fens is a small dungeon set inside an ancient fossilized Lloroi shipwreck. Here is the map.



Minarian Legends: History of the Dwarves (first published in Dragon Magazine in 1981)

MADHAT’s Divine Right Website  contains early unedited drafts of the Minarian Legends, maps, and other interesting DR information. It is a bit out of date (being superceded by the new 25th anniversary edition of the board game), but does still have interesting material.

The Yahoo Divine Right group is chock-full of interesting discussion about the board game.



Why not visit some of the RPG campaigns already set in Minaria? My old campaign was set in Hothior in 1371 AC, as a war between Hothior and Shucassam threatened to draw in the neighbours…There are several other campaigns appearing on the net, but they appear to be defunct and the links have been removed to them. If anyone knows any other Minaria campaigns, please drop me a line.


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