d2 hardcore mraakairy – part 8 – wolfman

here is somecallmetim, the druid.

i respected him with the plugy mod once or twice so i could PUMP more points into werewolf shit. i thought at first the wolf form was terrible, but found out i just needed a FASTER weapon with some lifesteal and BANG, werewolf guy started to kill some shit! i’ve got a couple summons to help keep the hoard off my back, but mostly i just use the werewolf skill that adds life steal charge up for the first three attacks and then lasts for 20 seconds or some shit, that life steal plus your base life steal from weapons makes a nice punchy dude. also you get a speed bonus so you can run faster which in diablo 2 is WHAT YOU FUCKING WANT, you want to run around as FAST as possible.

funny thing, the temple vipers almost fucking killed me. AGAIN! fuck though guys man. fuckem.

video of boss kills HERE.

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