d2 hardcore mraakairy – part 5

BiotchLips lv10-20

i’m pretty sure i played this ASSassin wrong. first, i could not resist the temptation to keep using that knife with +100% mf. i transferred the MF knife from TugandRun just so i could keep finding the sweet sweet loot faster then normal. i gimped my ASSassin for the sake of loot find. that is bad and proves that MF is a bad thing to put into the game, right?

she’s got the knife, so she’s not using the katana’s. just knife and shield. sure i thought at the start i’d only switch to the MF knife for the last killing blow on bosses and for opening chests and such, but i’m lazy. i just ended up keeping the MF knife equipped all the time. i think removing the quick weapon switch from diablo 3 is a great idea, it is not necessary and puts more emphasis on skill configurations and their use.

what would go well with the knife fighting in the assassin’s skill tree? TRAPS. i put almost all her danged points into lightening trap shit. it works i guess. not very fun play i must say. she’s the least fun of my character so far, but i think it’s mostly to do with the fact that i just played her using TRAPS and not her punchy punch punch skills. the class is supposed to be a punchy punch i think.

the running around with the power run fast boost skill throwing traps around works, but it gets pretty fucking boring. i have a bad feeling duriel will fucking kill biotchlips quick.

perhaps the amazon next?


2 thoughts on “d2 hardcore mraakairy – part 5”

  1. Dude you have to get charge up and finishing move stuff in there. It’s core to the assassin class!

  2. The gold drop and magic item drop is essential to have to improve your character both in the short- and long-term. However, as you are trying to progress through areas for the first time use a strong damage inflicting weapon. Then once you have cleared out areas using the best weapon, you can come back later and clean them again (when it is easier for you) with the magic/gold drop focused weapons/items in effect.

    Also, I think that the traps are awesome for clearing rooms later on (corpse explosion comes to mind) but you have to get the skills to take a few people down before that becomes useful. Chris is really the only person that explored the assassin class much that I know of.

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