Netrunner’s back in action

now that's some tight box art

With the Magic: the Gathering resurgence, you’d think some of the others would rear their heads as well to get some attention and here we are with a big one: Netrunner.

While a great game from back in the day it was too was fun to play with just a starter deck– so fun that no one bought any more cards and the game didn’t have a long lifespan, or any lifespan I can remember.  There were towers of Netrunner cards along with the MTG land cards at Gencon one year, and that was sad because there’s nothing like Land in the netrunner card sheets.  Announced today, Fantasy Flight has gone ahead and removed the CCG part of the equation with the new edition, in the Living Card game format, branded to their “Android” universe.  Looks like a must buy if you like that genre– I for one loved the old Netrunner, but never got in more than 20-30 games, which was still at great deal for an 8$ starter deck.